Technical Analysis 3-May-2019



The price after falling is now around of the strong trend line. In the past, this line has not been broken. Hence, it has to wait until breakout  and input in short position . You can also input long position if the appropriate return sign appears.



The price is in a wedge pattern and  moves in the blue channel. Price  after touched  with the ceiling of the channel return . The target is the lower line  of the channel  and wedge pattern. Therefore, the target of 1.1050 can be seen.



The price is at the bottom of the channel. Trading short  Opportunity If you have a proper mark of return . If the channel breaks down, we will also enter into a short deal .



The price breakout  pattern  and  had bullish movement  . Now, after a bit of a climb, go back and wait for the pullback to the top of the pattern, and then the climb continues. Therefore, after the pullback you can enter long position. In the event of continued downtrend and breakout lower line of channel, you can also enter the short position.



The price has returned to the resistance zone after the reformation. In the event of a break out  of this area, you can enter a long position  with the aim of red line. In the event of a return, the target can be lower line of main channel.



: The price touched upper line of channel and return target is lower line of channel.



 The price is on the floor of the drawn triangle pattern. In case of breakout  of this floor and consolidate below it (support zone), we enter into the short position, otherwise we will enter long position  the appropriate return sign.