Technical Analysis 16-April-2019


As you Can see in daily chart price Stay in a triangle pattern  . Currently price is near lower line of triangle .If price break out This Support area we expect input to sell position with stop loss upper support area. Other wise if price return from support line first target is upper line of triangle .If this line brek out we can input in buy position again .


Price is moving in Bearish Channel.Currently price is going toward upper line of main channel and in this way move in a smaller drawn channel .If price touched upper line of channel we wait for defineing market direction .

If we see return direction input on short position otherwise after breakout upper line of channel and consolidation beyond this line input on long position .


If we have an overview over weekly timeframe we can see a clear triangle pattern .price is moving toward upper line of this triangle over a drawn channel .Currently price is near middle line of this channel . in this way movement until 112.40 level is possible with a good probability .After breakout of this level 113.50 is Next level . In other way if price return we expect touching lower line of channel .


ACording H4 time frame price take place in a triangle .Currently it is a around upper line of triangle .If price break out this upper line and consolidate over it we input long position with stop loss under upper line of triangle . if price return of this upper line support area and lower line of triangle are targets .


Price is take place in a triangle pattern in H4 time frame .we had a sharp movemat yesterday  and  price is around upper  line of triangle now . if this upper line break out and price Consolidater over it we input on long positon other  wise with return sign input of short position with first target at upper line of triangle and second lower line of main channel .


Price is moving between support and resistane area .Currently it is around Support area . if we have a good sign with comfortable stoploss we can input in long position . other wise if support area breakout input short positon with stop loss over Support area .


Price is around a trend line . if this trend line break out we can input on long position and put your stop loss under this line .other wise if we have return sign from trend line input short position with stop loss over trend line.