Technical Analysis 14-Feb-2019

Technical Analysis Pairs

This content consist technical analysis of EURUSD , GPBUSD,GOLD,NZDUSD, AUDUSD, JPYUSD ,USDCAD pairs according our technical way

Our Technical Analysis way:

Our technical analysis way is base on finding levels consist of (supports-resistance- trend lines -channels-

Fibonacci levels and …). In the first step searching for best opportunity and after finding this situations follow

signs for inputting to trades.Money Management and risk controls are very important in our way .

Risk to Reward and waiting until touch calculated targets are so important for successful.

Technical analysis AUSUSD

تحلیل تکنیکال دلاراسترالیا به دلار آمریکا

As you can see after price touch trend line return and are going to the blue support line in 0.7000 area.

Currently it seems in correction and this correction can continue until fibonacci levels at 50 percent . After this correction we expect touch this support area. So the first target is 0.70000 and after that we expect reach to second trend line.

Technical analysis EURUSD

تحلیل تکنیکال یورو به دلار آمریکا (EURUSD )

According daily time frame price after touch upper line of blue channel and resistance area returned .This turned continue until lower line of channel 2 (red channel) .Currently it seems lower channel is broken and we have opportunity for selling.The target is lower line of channel.although we have a pullback to lower line of channel but bearish scenario is remain and stable.If second support area break we expect bearish . If lower line of channel break upward scenario change to bullish .

Technical analysis GBPUSD

تحلیل تکنیکال پوند به دلار آمریکا (GBPUSD )

Price in previous week break lower line of bigger channel and exit from that. But price movement provide new channel(smaller channel) and move on it. Price is moving in this channel and target is lower line of channel.

Technical analysis NZDUSD

تحلیل تکنیکال دلار نیوزلند به دلار آمریکا (NZDUSD )

In the previous week price break old channel(ch1) and move in new channel(smaller ) now.

After a sharp movement until lower line of older channel it had a correction but create a new channel.price is neer the up line of new channel . If it will have a good sign for return we have a good opportunity for selling. Else if upper line break in up side we can input buy position.

Technical analysis USDCAD

تحلیل تکنیکال دلار آمریکا دلار کانادا (USDCAD )

According last week forecast USDCAD after touching lower line of channel returned.It had a strong moved and stop and went in a correction with fundamental news.We forecast this bullish movement continue .Price after touching support line at 1.3220 return back. we expect  bullish movement .

Other wise if price passed 1.3190 in bearish we expect touch lower line of channel again

Technical analysis USDJPY


تحلیل تکنیکال دلار آمریکا به ین ژاپن (USDJPY)

price move in ch1 channel in bullish way. The forecast target seems upper line of triangle in weekly time frame at 113.70 .Currently price break a strong resistance and touched first target . The second target is upper line of channel

If lower line of this channel break we sell . The target is lower line of triangle line

Technical analysis GOLD


Price after touched lower line of channel returned but it remain in new red channel. If upper line of red channel breaks we expect strong movement of gold toward upper line of blue channel and price 1330 is accessible simply.If lower line of blue  channel break and confirm this break out we expect bearish movement.



آموزش تحلیل تکنیکال