Technical Analysis 13-May-2019



As seen, the price has hit the green trend line. This line is relatively strong in terms of strength and has not been broken so far. The trend seems going towards the red trend line. In the event of a break out of the drawn line in front of price , you can enter short position.



The price on the drawn channel (blue channel) is moving. Currently, the price is at upper line and we expect to fall. So, with the appearance of the sales signal, we enter in short position.



The price is around  the support  area. In the past few days, the price has not been able to break out  this range. In the event of a break out  of this range, you can enter the short position  with the objective of the triangle lower line in the daily time. In the event of a return, the target can be considered as the resistance zone and upper line of the triangle .



The price returned after the collision and breaking of the trend line and returned create a PULLBACK. At the moment, it is in the vicinity of the support area and it seems its purpose is to touch the lower line of channel. We expect to come back after touching the bottom of the channel .



The price break out  lower line of triangle and dropped. After retrieving it pullback to  bottom of the triangle. We expect the collapse after this collision with the goal of the bottom of the main channel. If price  entering the triangle, it is recommended that the time passes until price breakout  the ceiling of the triangle.



The price has hit the upper line  of the channel and started to fall. We have a trading opportunity for short . At the same time, we have the formation of a harmonic pattern .



The price is on the downtrend in the channel. We have a trading opportunity for short  with the goal  lower line of  the channel. The stop loss can be considered above the broken resistance area.

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