Introducing FXnature Financial Group

FXnature Financial Group has been operating since 2015. Formed of experts in market analytics, economics and finance, this collection focuses on financial markets.
In this regard, activity in various financial markets has been in line with the activity of this group. Markets such as

Iran Stock Market
Iran Commodity Market
Dubai Stock Market
Forex market

The FXnature group previously operated under the ITFX group, but due to some circumstances decided to reactivate with the new brand.

In this regard, its activities in areas such as

Technical and fundamental analysis of different types of markets
Provide advice and solutions to investors
Provide supplementary training courses
Provide market investment solutions

In this regard, during more than 15 years of activity of the group, we have been able to gather good experience and now provide it to our domestic and foreign customers.

Introducing the people in the collection:

Omid Tavakoli

Omid Tavakoli has a master’s degree in electrical engineering. He has been active in the financial markets since 2003. Omid Tavakoli’s main specialty is technical analysis. During the years of its activity, in addition to market analysis, it has always put research and development on its agenda. In this regard, teaching in different universities, writing and translating several books and presenting various articles on topics such as algorithmic trading and… in his resume.