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Trading Status

On this page you will see the status of traders. In other words, it can be seen what the situation of traders is in 8 major currency pairs. A few percent are in buying, a few percent are in selling. This possibility before the

what is FOREX Heat Map

Forex Heat Map provides an online map of the strength and position of currencies in the Forex market. To describe the performance of this tool in this way, it can be said that each currency has strength and stability against other…

Online Chart

XAUUSD Chart by TradingView new TradingView.widget( { "width": 780, "height": 600, "symbol": "OANDA:XAUUSD", "interval": "240", "timezone": "Asia/Tehran", "theme": "dark", "style": "1", "locale":

FOREX Heatmap

Forex Heat Map is one of powerful tools in analyzing markets. This tools is in list of traders before trades. They checked this map before entering in any trade. It gives especial opportunity to select best pair for trade. Please check